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Dr. Pawan Dhingra

Dr. Pawan Dhingra is a professor of American Studies at Amherst College. Read his full interview here.

I would encourage students to work within and outside of the institution in constructive ways, as they have been doing ... Also, it is important to consider what kind of Asian American Studies best serves the needs of Amherst students, such as a comparative approach that interrogates race as a central axis.

          -Dr. Pawan Dhingra


Swati Narayan is an Amherst College junior currently serving as the president of the South Asian Students Association. Read her interview here

I am most proud of my contribution to the establishment of the Asian Affinity Space. I hope that in the future, students continue to use this space and nurture the AAPI community. I also hope to see increased collaboration between the Asian affinity groups and the administration.

          -Swati Narayan, AC '20


Albert Joo

AC '17

Albert Joo (AC '15), also known by his stage name FLANNEL ALBERT, is a melodic hip-hop artist based in LA.  Read his full interview here.

I feel like education and media taught me that Asians were one dimensional: the obedient, model minority. But in learning the diverse experiences of Asian immigrants and why they had to fit in and why they were well behaved, you realize that we aren’t one dimensional. Circumstances put us in this position. To learn that is eye opening. It’s not only educational. Emotionally, mentally, it’s essential that you learn your history.

          -Albert Joo, AC '15

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