The Amherst Asian Alumni Network (“AAAN”) is an alumni-founded and led group which centers the needs and interests of the Asian alumni, students, faculty, and staff of Amherst College. Harnessing its collective knowledge and experience, this organization’s objective is to not only maintain a strong network of Asian alumni, but also spark new connections across generations of Asian students.

The AAAN seeks to promote greater Asian alumni involvement in the Amherst College community. This platform hosts community programming and distributes current news about student life and campus events. It also provides opportunities for alumni to support the academic and career development of Asian students as well as student initiatives such as the establishment of an Asian/Pacific/American Studies major. 



Major: Environmental Studies and Art & the History of Art 


Activities on Campus: Asian Students Association, Careers in Education Fellow, Project Manager and Research Assistant in the Architectural Studies Department


Region: New York, NY


Occupation: Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Modern Art

I count the conversations that I had with professors, classmates, advisors, and friends about Asian American identity as perhaps the most personally significant and fulfilling experiences I had during my time at Amherst. My hope is that through the Asian Alumni Network, these conversations will continue and this network will serve as an incubator for community building and self-knowledge amongst Amherst's Asian students and alumni.