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Dr. Franklin Odo

Dr. Franklin Odo is the John J. McCloy Visiting Professor of American Institutions & International Diplomacy at Amherst College. Read his full interview here.

My knowledge of Asian Studies and the histories of Korea, Japan, and China,  were replete with stories of resistance, revolts, and reactions against authoritarian rule. This knowledge helped us understand that Asian American stereotypes were not an inculcated DNA kind of thing and that we were not bound by a culture of obedience. 

          -Dr. Franklin Odo

shoyoung shin AC '19

ShoYoung Shin is an activist, leader, and recent Amherst College graduate. Read her interview here

As they are with any identity and community, the experiences of Asian Americans is nuanced and extensive. My time at Amherst has provided me the language and context to explore more of this identity, and I know that I want to continue to learn as I begin my post-Amherst journey. 

          -ShoYoung Shin, AC '19

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